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LPCBLoss Prevention Certification Board
LPCBLakeside Pride Concert Band (Chicago, IL)
LPCBLossless Photo Compression Benchmark (images)
LPCBLacto-Phenol Cotton Blue (stain; microbiology)
LPCBLegal Practitioners Conduct Board (Australia)
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Central to the changes proposed in this Bill is replacing the present Legal Practitioners Conduct Board, with a Legal Profession Conduct Commissioner with increased powers.
20) Legal Practitioners Conduct Board v Phillips (2002) 83 SASR 467, [28]-[29] and [39] [40].
21) Legal Practitioners Conduct Board v Trueman [2003] SASC 58, [23]; The Law Society of South Australia v Murphy (1999) 201 LSJS 456, [21]-[28].