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LDALimitada (Portuguese; similar to Limited Liability Company)
LDALinear Discriminant Analysis (statistical method)
LDALocal Density Approximation
LDALiga Deportiva Alajuelense (Costa Rica football club)
LDALithium Diisopropylamide
LDALatent Dirichlet Allocation (statistics)
LDALouisiana Dental Association
LDALearning Disabilities Association
LDALondon Development Agency
LDALucknow Development Authority (India)
LDALocalizer (Type) Directional Aid
LDALatin Dance Academy (UK)
LDALoss Distribution Approach
LDALow Density Area
LDALocal Delivery Agent
LDALyme Disease Association
LDALegal Drinking Age
LDALocal Development Agency (various locations)
LDALocal Data Acquisition
LDALetter Drive Access
LDALocal Data Access
LDALeading Dimension
LDALoss Delay Adjustment Algorithm
LDALightweight Dependancy Analyzer
LDALoad Address
LDALoad Accumulator Direct
LDALeading Dimension of the Array
LDALegal Document Assistant
LDALeadership Development Academy
LDALaser Doppler Anemometer
LDALarval Development Assay (microbiology)
LDALeadership Analysis (CIA office)
LDALanding Distance Available
LDALahore Development Authority
LDALinear Diode Array
LDALoad Accumulator (6502 processor instruction)
LDALithuanian Development Agency (est. 1997)
LDALongbow Digital Arts (est. 1998)
LDALight Double Action (semiautomatic pistols)
LDALoring Development Authority (civilian reuse project)
LDALand Division Application (zoning; various locations)
LDALocal Democracy Agency (various locations)
LDALocal Directory Assistance
LDALeft Displaced Abomasum
LDALand Division Act (Michigan)
LDALocally Determined Assessment (education)
LDALocal Data Area
LDALogical Device Address
LDALate-Deafened Adults
LDALast Day of Attendance
LDALutheran Deaconess Association
LDALatin Dance Australia
LDALouisiana Dietetic Association
LDALarge Diameter Auger
LDALate Discovery Adoptee
LDALoss-Delay-Based Adjustment
LDALocation-Dependent Address
LDALocal Director Acceleration
LDALibertà d'Azione (Freedom of Action Party, Italy)
LDALeft Displacement of Abomasum
LDALanding Directional Aid
LDALinear Danger Area (military)
LDALondon Dressage Association (Canada)
LDALaunch Deployment Assembly
LDALimited Depository Account
LDALambda Delta Alpha (fraternity)
LDALocate Drum Address
LDALocally Distributed Asynchronous (micro-pipeline)
LDALaunch and Deployment Authority
LDALightweight Decontamination Apparatus
LDALead Development Agent/Agency
LDALetterman Digital Arts Ltd. (San Francisco, CA)
LDALine Driver Amplifier
LDALimited Deployment Authorization
LDALocal Deliverability Area (power industry)
LDALocal Dependent Address
LDALower Dog Auxiliary
LDALithographic Dipole Antenna
LDALand Design Associates, Inc. (Brunswick, GA)
LDAListe des Documents Applicables (French: List of Applicable Documents)
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Based on DeJong's review, that research supports what earlier work had shown: Since the legal drinking age was set at 21, young people have been drinking less and are less likely to get into drunk-driving crashes.
Older women also show somewhat greater opposition for legislation to lower the legal drinking age in America.
Individuals of legal drinking age who purchase alcohol to sell or give to minors represent a secondary target for this type of operation.
Studies have shown that raising the legal drinking age produced an average annual reduction of 28% in nighttime fata crashes involving these drivers.
In Australia the legal drinking age is 18, three years earlier than in the US.
But binge drinking occurred before the minimum legal drinking age was raised and should not be attributed to the restrictions on drinking.
3) Has the minimum legal drinking age been lowered before?
The Neilsen research confirms that a very large percent of recent NCAA tournament viewers are of legal drinking age.
The twins turned 21 the legal drinking age in the US -in November last year.
Grayson and I part company is in her call to return the minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) to 18.