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LRBLegislative Reference Bureau
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LRBLaboratory of Radiation Biology
LRBLyndall Racing Brakes, LLC (for motorcycles)
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LRBLight Resin Bonded (mattresses)
LRBLower Reliability Bound
LRBLeast Reliable Bit
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The 1992 Legislative Reference Bureau study recommended that the state set an example as an employer by providing for telecommuting by all state agencies and promote a receptive atmosphere by enacting legislation to promote telecommuting in the community.
Unicorn will enable libraries of the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau and the Maryland Department of Legislative Services to make their collections and services easily accessible to legislators and staff through SIRSI's Web-based online catalog, WebCat.
Although the research work of the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau and other staff agencies is just as essential as in the past, Cattanach says it's not as talked about anymore.
One of these agencies is the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB), which has served the information needs of the Wisconsin Legislature and the citizens of our state for over a century.
Rupert Theobald, the respected former chief of the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau for 30 years, died Nov.
According to Gordon Malaise, senior attorney with Wisconsin's Legislative Reference Bureau, "a good drafting request consists of two components:
I probably use it several hundred times per session--at least," says Risser, Wisconsin's Senate president, about that state's Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB).
Steve Miller worked as a nonpartisan redistricting staff member for the PEER Committee in Mississippi during the 1990 round of redistricting and now is the chief of the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau.
The beginnings of the modern legislature can be traced back to 1901 when Wisconsin established the first permanent legislative staff by creating the legislative reference bureau.
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