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However, being cool just comes naturally to Jay-Z as he paired the conservative attire with a Leroy Jenkins snapback hat, which he wore backwards, a black T-shirt and sunglasses, the Daily Mail reported.
Already in the first festival years it hosted such great artists as Ray Anderson, Steve Lacy, Leroy Jenkins and the Roscoe Mitchell Quartet.
One of the AACM records Delcloo had heard, "Three Compositions of New Jazz" featured works by Leo Smith, Leroy Jenkins, and Anthony Braxton, released under Braxton's name (Braxton 1968).
Bowie started selling his furniture in his house," Leroy Jenkins recalled.
Meanwhile, Leroy Jenkins, Leo Smith, and Smith's girlfriend Kathy Sinclair, landed in Le Havre, bound for Paris and a rendezvous with Anthony Braxton, who had arrived a few weeks earlier.
As Leroy Jenkins summarized it in a 1993 interview with writer Ted Panken, "Country boys from Chicago, we weren't used to that kind of thing" (Jenkins 1993).
On the surface at the absolute opposite end of the jazz spectrum from Dunstan Coulber is the American pianist Myra Melford, last seen in Birmingham at the CBSO Centre with violinist Leroy Jenkins and saxophonist Joseph Jarman.
The Leroy Jenkins Creative Music Concert is scheduled for 8 p.
Billed as "a multimedia jazz opera," this work combined the efforts of Harris with those of internationally renowned jaz composer and violinist Leroy Jenkins and media artist Homer Jackson.
Allen, an especially talented fund-raiser, Rex Humbard, Leroy Jenkins, Pat Robertson, Father Ralph D'Orio, Jim and Tammy Bakker, and Jimmy Swaggart.
Equal Interest were one of the festival's more off-beam outfits, sharing compositions between the three members: pianist Myra Melford, violinist Leroy Jenkins and saxophonist Joseph Jarman.