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LWTGLevel with the Ground (band)
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The chamber, though on a level with the ground, was brilliantly lighted by windows in its inner wall, the light coming from a circular court in the center of the tower.
These are really concrete boxes which could be laid slightly underground, level with the ground or above it.
The specified buildings or structures are to be demolished level with the ground.
care of it and improve it, not to level with the ground and Georgia will maintain its leading positions minimum on the post-soviet area",
The hole should be dug at a depth so that the rootball will sit level with the ground.
In the 1970s and 1980s the only stones allowed at Thornhill were the flat stones which were level with the ground, and no larger memorials were permitted.
He would lower himself almost level with the ground when asked to sprint to the line - his electric turn of foot was impressive.
Ensure all electrical connections are above the ground, out of snow and puddles and carry ladders level with the ground and be aware of overhead lines and check lights after windy or bad weather.
You are jumping straight up while you are falling to keep you level with the ground.
A WATER Board boss yesterday admitted that if a manhole cover had been level with the ground then a little boy, who collided with it after coming off his tiny motorbike, could have been alive today.
Bury coffee cans at the target distances (15, 20, 25, 30, 40, and 50 meters) so they're level with the ground.