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LMLunar Module (replaced LEM)
LMLe Mans
LMLaurea Magistrale (Italian: Master of Science)
LMLandscape Management (various organizations)
LMLight Microscope
LMLockheed Martin
LMLes Miserables
LMLactancia Materna (Spanish: Breastfeeding)
LMLean Mass
LMLogistics Management
LMLast Mile (computer networking)
LMLife Member
LMLynch Mob
LMLate Minoan (time period)
LMLight Meter (photography)
LMLiberty Mountain (Salt Lake City, UT)
LMLinux Magazine
LMLogical Mechanism (linguistics)
LMLambert(s) (unit of luminance)
LMLiquid Metal
LMLord Mayor
LMLearningMethods (Canada)
LMLanguage Model (speech recognition)
LMLady Madonna (Beatles song)
LMliver metastasis
LMLagrange Multiplier
LMLunch Menu
LMLicensed Midwife
LMLevenberg-Marquardt (algorithm)
LMLata Mangeshkar (Indian singer)
LMLady Macbeth
LMLinux-Mandrake (Linux Distribution)
LMLogistics Manager
LMLuigi's Mansion (video game)
LMLegion of Merit
LMLife Master (Contract Bridge Ranking)
LMLong Module
LMLaser Module
LMLink and Motivation, Inc. (Japan)
LMLong Mode (computing protocol)
LMLoad Multiple (IBM)
LMLove Marriage
LMLocation Manager (film industry)
LMLateral Malleolus (ankle)
LMLogic Module
LMLanguage Minority (language learning)
LMLocation Management
LMLine Monitor
LMLeft-Arm Medium (cricket; also seen as LAM)
LMLowell Massachusetts (.50 caliber ammunition headstamp)
LMLateral Meniscus (knee)
LMLeft Message
LMLymphatic Malformation (abnormal fluid collection)
LMLay Midwife (midwife without a medical degree)
LMLead Man (Supervisor)
LMLow Migration (printing ink)
LMLight Magnum (ammunition)
LMLocal Manufacture
LMLunar Magic (game)
LMLeprosy Mission
LMLiberal Movement (politics)
LMLow Moment (chemistry)
LMLong Meter (hymnology)
LMLiquidity-Money (macroeconomic curve that links interest rates and output as a result of interactions in asset markets)
LMLegal Momentum (formerly NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund)
LMLifetime Maintenance
LMLibris Mortis (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
LMLegalize Murder
LMLinden Meadows School (Canada)
LMLadies' Meeting
LMLightwave Multimeter (Agilent)
LMLeaky Mode (transmission line)
LMLoop Modem
LMLunixmonster (Natural Selection gaming server)
LMLabor Month
LMLittlewood and Miller (probabilistic model)
LMLadderMonkey (gaming league)
LMLitchfield and Madison Railroad
LMLauis Metis (neutral zone planet from Diaspora)
LMLumbering Might (computer game)
LMList of Material/s
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Two models were proposed using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and trained by an artificial neural network (ANN) using Levenberg-Marquardt (LM) algorithm to recognize rubber seed.
The solution of TDOA problem is performed by modified Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm [22]-[24].
Writing MATLAB code ranging from simple multilayered versions of GMDH to hybrid versions, they cover GMDH multilayered algorithm, GMDH multilayered algorithm in MATLAB, GMDH-based polynomial neural network algorithm in MATLAB, designing a GMDH model using modified Levenberg-Marquardt technique in MATLAB, and group method of data handing using discrete differential evolutions in MATLAB.
Material constants [mu], [rho], and [alpha] are determined by using Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear regression method by comparison with experimental data [26], The material constants are presented in Table 1.
In this work, optimization was performed numerically using an implementation of local optimizer of Levenberg-Marquardt (a possible alternative is fmincon [16] or fminsearchbnd [17] which can be directly used in Matlab, evolutionary algorithms are another possible way).
The input and target were presented to the network and the network was trained using Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm.
Ademas, describimos metodos especialmente disenados para resolver el problema MCNL, como Gauss Newton, Levenberg-Marquardt y secante estructurado.
El metodo de Levenberg-Marquardt [21] es un algoritmo bastante estable y potente, que se ha aplicado a una variedad de problemas inversos [16, 22, 23, 26].
Para minimizar la ecuacion (6b) existen muchos metodos en la literatura matematica, los tres mas importante son el Gauss-Newton, Gradiente Descendente y Levenberg-Marquardt, este trabajo usa las ventajas y optimizacion del tercer metodo para realizar el ajuste automatico.
In the following training method of Levenberg-Marquardt will be briefly discussed.
2) It is straightforward to apply the Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm to the nonlinear transmission equation presented.
The next algorithm is called Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm (Hagan, Menhaj 1994) that usually works faster than all the earlier mentioned ones; therefore, it is used in this work.