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LGBTQLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning
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1) For the purposes of this paper, LGBTQ denotes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two spirit, queer and questioning people.
Notre Dame hired Maureen Doyle as the first assistant director for LGBTQ student concerns.
Elizabethe Payne and Melissa Smith's article, "Reduction of Stigma in Schools (RSIS): An Evaluation of the First Three Years," is an evaluation of a program to bring an increased awareness of LGBTQ youth's experience into schools.
While it is estimated that approximately 10 to 20% of adolescents have engaged in a same-gender sexual experience (Eisenberg & Resnick, 2006; McFarland & Dupuis, 2003), the exact number of students who identify as LGBTQ is difficult to determine due to the social stigma associated with revealing one's sexual identity (Rotheram-Borus & Langabeer, 2001).
It inspired us to vocalize the need to address equity and fairness for all in the various arenas that we participated in, and this eventually contributed to the current and ongoing collaboration between us (the two authors) on community action research on behalf of LGBTQ individuals in the region.
For example, the penultimate chapter, "False Promises," deals with violence against LGBTQ people.
Table 1 Breakdown of Participants Sexual Race and/ Gender identity or ethnicity Nation Involvement 29 female 18 gay 35 White 31 Canada 38 gay- straight alliance recognized by school 23 male 7 lesbian 1 Black 26 United 19 informal States or external LGBTQ group 2 transgender 4 homosexual 3 Asian 1 all genders 10 bisexual 1 Hispanic 1 gender 5 straight 2 Jewish variant 1 no response 5 queer 1 Armenian 3 pansexual 8 mixed background 2 asexual 4 no response 2 heterosexual
These statistics are likely underestimated if students avoid those who are not receptive or affirming of sexual minority issues (Goodrich & Luke, 2009), and school counselors may not identify LGBTQ students.
Ensure granting agencies support the work of feminist and LGBTQ legal scholars to investigate the operation and effects of family, criminal, tort, and other forms of law in relation to LGBTQ family formation.
The 24-year-old actor pointed out the similarity of the film with the problems faced by the LGBTQ community even in modern times.
The impact of not having relevant curricula affects female and LGBTQ students the most.
Religious liberty" is increasingly the banner flown by the religious right as it carries out its campaigns against reproductive rights and LGBTQ rights, but what underlies this innocent-sounding term?