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LiMBOLate Model Bus Organization, International (post-1968 Volkswagen club)
LiMBOLoss in Multiple Birth Outreach (bereavement support)
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The point is, Holm--who once played the duplicitious android in Alien and a telepathic pharmaceutical hallucination in Cronenberg's Naked Lunch--is a confident acrobat when it comes to walking the tightrope between feeling and expression, the nebulous limbo which draws Egoyan the same way that existential crisis compels Antonioni or hypocrisy lured Bunuel.
Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) has been involved in Canadian policy related to refugees in limbo for a number of years.
Accordingly, it looks very much as though Reynolds and the former Orrell men will be left in limbo, and desperately trying to find a new club.
I wonder if his limbo lust is the result of getting mixed up with Jodie Marsh and Kate Moss's pole-dancing?
180[grados] con respecto al utriculo, interiormente con abundantes tricomas conicos, blancos; limbo unilobado, oblongo, 1.
Since the Middle Ages, children's Limbo was the Church's otherworldly haven for the littlest brethren, the born as well as the unborn, who perished with Original Sin on their souls.
Requests for Proposals to build permanent 500 units of housing for the homeless in New York City have been answered by more than 200 developers, however, the more than $100 million designated is in limbo because of a squabble between the Mayor's Office and the City Council.
Limbo and Brightkite today announced that the two companies are merging to form the largest location-based social discovery service.
Rhoderick Armamento, Quezon police director, said anti-illegal drug operatives arrested Gilbert Limbo aboard a Suzuki Carry Dropside along the Maharlika Highway in Barangay (village) Malabanban Norte at about 3:20 a.
Life in limbo for schoolgirl victim THE schoolgirl rape victim was determined to track down evil De Alves, and even considered hiring a private detective to track him down.
INSIDE Xbox One, PC IN 2010, developers Playdead released Limbo.