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LIBORLondon Interbank Offered Rate
LIBORLong Island Board of Realtors (New York)
LIBORLittle Investment Bankers of Rutgers (New Jersey)
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Regulators say Lloyds' employees rigged the repo rate so the gap between it and Libor was less, meaning it paid a lower fee.
The spreads between LIBOR and other benchmark rates can signal changing tides in the broad financial environment.
6 billion to settle US and European regulators' charges of rigging the Libor.
htm) Barclays in the aftermath of the Libor fixing scandal , though he denied any knowledge of wrongdoing at the bank.
Libor, the London interbank offered rate, will continue to be regulated by Britain's financial regulator, according to the Hogg Tendering Advisory Committee.
Barclays was fined PS290m for manipulating Libor in June, sending shockwaves throughout the banking industry.
borrowers of the failure of Libor as a low-risk benchmark.
It is inviting other groups to apply to take over the role overseeing Libor and wants the new managing body to draw up a code of conduct and carry out regular audits.
He said that the Libor was deeply entrenched in the financial system and could not be changed easily.
A Government-ordered review into Libor is being conducted by Financial Services Authority chief Martin Wheatley.
Mr Wheatley, who heads conduct regulation for the Financial Services Authority, is expected to say the existing structure and governance of Libor is "no longer fit for purpose" and must be fixed.
However, on the bright side, Johnston said, credit unions did benefit from a lower cost of funds as share rates were indirectly priced from Libor.