LiIonLithium Ion (battery)
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Generally speaking, for most users weight is more important than size, and because the weight difference is really quite dramatic (a factor of two or more) generally LiIon batteries are better for most users.
Megawatt scale energy storage systems are ideally suited for medium to large scale on-grid solar installations, where the effective implementation of stateoftheart Liion technology can smooth the intermittent generation and ramp rates inherent in renewable power sources, making PV predictable and grid compatible.
E[acute accent]--iRecharge by Cellboost: The LiIon Rechargeable Battery Pack with Belt Clip for Apple iPod and iPod Mini (Value Pack MSRP $79.
The CDM-9900 comes with a standard rechargeable LiIon battery for up to 196 minutes of talk time or up to 360 hours of standby time in digital mode.
and operations based in Hong Kong, AnalogicTech is a global supplier for cell phone, LiIon battery, computer and consumer Total Power Management products and solutions.
O2Micro International Limited (Nasdaq:OIIM), a leading supplier of innovative power management ICs to mobile computer and communications manufacturers, announced the development of an IC for optimized charging of multiple serial type LiIon batteries.
1" TFT, PIII 700, 10GB, 64MB, 24x CD, Modem, Ethernet LAN, LiIon, Windows 2000 $1899 1171-9LU 13.
With headquarters in Sunnyvale CA and operations based in Hong Kong, AnalogicTech is a global supplier for LiIon battery, cell phone, computer and consumer total power management products.
5V input supply, making it ideal for applications with a single LiIon battery.