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LILong Island
LIList (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
LILife Insurance
LILevel I
LILithium-Ion (battery type)
LILegal Issues
LILow Income
LILiechtenstein (ISO country code, top level domain)
LILine Interface
LILine Item
LIList Item (computing)
LILeadership Institute (think tank & political training facility in Arlington, Virginia)
LILine Interactive (type of uninterruptible power supply)
LILinearly Independent (algebra)
LILifted Index (meteorology)
LIList Index (programming)
LILetter of Intent
LILarge Intestine
LILight Infantry
LILethal Injection
LILaser Interferometry (semiconductors)
LILearning Issues (education)
LILighthouse International
LILevel Indicator (industrial control description)
LILow Impedance
LILawful Interception
LILoad Immediate (computer programming)
LILivorno, Toscana (Italian province)
LILAN Interface
LILawsonia Intracellularis
LILisunov (Soviet aircraft designer)
LILeasehold Improvements (taxation, accounting)
LILego Island (game)
LIThe Light Infantry (a British Regiment)
LILogarithmic Integral (mathematics)
LILength Indicator
LILamellar Ichthyosis
LILight Current
LILexington Institute
LILouping Ill
LILaughing Inside
LILing Island (Railroad)
LILimited Intervention (TRADOC)
LILight Inspection
LILangelier Index
LILatency Increase
LILifting Index (NIOSH)
LILeitender Ingenieur (chief engineer on German submarine)
LILivestock Inspector
LILateral Infarction
LILou's Inferno (gaming)
LILetterist International (Paris, France)
LILawn Institute (Rolling Meadows, IL)
LILiberal Intergovernmental (EU)
LILaureoli International (various locations)
LILink Input Analysis
LI(USN Rating) Lithographer
LILadani Institute (Sri Lanka)
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It is going to involve substantial negotiations because there is an indecision in terms of whether to just unequivocally extend the cuts for the rest of 2018 or whether to have a limited intervention," Jaafar Altaie, managing director of UAE-based Manaar Energy Consulting, told Gulf News over phone.
In the Philippines, it said there was limited intervention by the BSP as the country did not face similar appreciation pressures, and the export-driven economy enjoyed the benefits of a relatively weaker currency.
Fourth, Intelligence work, whether linked to espionage, sabotage or interference in the direction of the policies of others or psychological warfare, whether using traditional or non-traditional media, or fifth, the military instrument of a minimum level of readiness, military mobilization and limited intervention to total war.
The proposed monitors must be certified and warranted by the manufacturer for use in an outdoor environment and be capable of 24/7 continuous unattended operation with limited intervention by staff.
In a scathing report, the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee heavily criticised David Cameron for turning a limited intervention intended to protect civilians into an "opportunist policy of regime change" based on inadequate intelligence.
Obama's limited intervention has focused on fighting the Islamic State militant group that controls a swathe of Syria and Iraq and that has inspired attacks on U.
Obama's limited intervention has focused on fighting Daesh (ISIS) that controls a swath of Syria and Iraq and which has inspired attacks on U.
5, depreciating by 1% from last week due to oil and debt payments backed by limited intervention from the central bank.
Given what Assad's allies are willing to do to salvage this 'Little Syria' " compared with the limited intervention being considered by Putin's international antagonists " this is probably an achievable goal.
In Yemen, with the very limited intervention sparing Egyptian troops of any serious danger, this approach might be to the benefit of Egypt, at least on short-term, but the country risks getting pulled in ever deeper into Saudi Arabia's regional conflict with Iran, thus into a conflict that's likely to be way bloodier for Egypt than the limited Yemen intervention.
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has been in the Middle East, and Secretary of State John Kerry arrives in the region Wednesday to accelerate Washington's efforts Public opinion in the United States meanwhile appears to be shifting in favor of a limited intervention in Syria.
So however bad the situation in Iraq and Syria is, there is going to be limited intervention from the US, which gives space for the ordinary states in the region to compete against each other.
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