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L1Level 1 (cache on or near processor die)
L1Native Language
L1Layer 1 (physical/electrical interface)
L1Link 1 (GPS, aviation)
L1League 1 (English football league)
L1Leave One
L1Lower One (business/investing; science)
L1Language One (native language)
L1GPS Frequency (1575.42 MHz)
L1LineOne (UK ISP)
L1Local Interconnect
L1First Sun-Earth Libration (Lagrange) Point
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The deal with LineOne will enable Psion to significantly expand those services, to include such things as the latest news, travel, business, sports, and entertainment information as well as enabling users to store all their diary, calendar and office data on-line, the spokesperson added.
LineOne, a joint venture between British Telecommunications Plc and United News & Media, said its subscriber base has grown by 320,000 since March this year, largely due to cross-promotional deals with United newspapers and a 3.
com (free, 3%); LineOne (free, 3%); X-Stream (free, 3%).
Excite, Lycos, Freeserve, LineOne, BSkyB, QXL, NTL, ZDNet, Nationwide, Cadbury, Buy.
Yes, he wants to buy another ISP, to add to World Online, LibertySurf, LineOne and Tiny Online, but, no, he's not planning on launching a broadband service here anytime soon.
LineOne - bigger, older and clearly no smarter than CallNet - also turned round to its customers a couple of weeks back and told them to log off.
Also, BT-part-owned subscription-free ISP LineOne hinted last week it was looking at the 0800 model (and some in the online community claim to be already using this service).
LineOne, a UK company that provides its subscribers with both exclusive content and unlimited Internet access, has reduced its membership rate to GBP9.
In May 1999, Tomany was appointed general manager for BT's new Web Hosting & Co-location services, securing a number of major new co-location contracts with companies including Inktomi, Open and LineOne.
Meanwhile British Telecommunications and United News & Media co-owned LineOne is in talks with Tiscali.
OnLine Call Manager has attracted industry leading telecommunications companies and key Internet Service Providers including LineOne, Global Internet, Ireland Online.
CallNet0800 is abandoning its deal next month, Virgin Net has delayed its flat-fee service and LineOne is cancelling its package in September.