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First up is the Linex 5-piece compass set, ideal for fine technical drawing.
In the initial step, Linex Networks Higashi-Nihon Co.
Cosmodyne LLC has been chosen by WesPac Midstream LLC to deliver a LINEX natural gas liquefier for a new natural gas liquefaction facility in Jacksonville, Florida, US.
Special features include the choice of camo patterns, full aluminum floor and side panels complete with a Linex spray coating to deaden sound and provide a slip-free, rugged surface.
Schilling, Chairman of LINEX Technologies, who will speak about his "Vision of Wireless Consumer Communications" and the development of “Wireless Cities,” where people will use just one phone or hand-held computer to enable nearly every form of electronic communication in real time
Linex, the agency which monitors the market, recorded a further deterioration in 2Q09 vs.
Ruge-Murcia (2001) uses a linex function to allow for asymmetric preferences, although he assumes this applies to inflation, not output.