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LINUXLinus Torvald's UNIX (flavor of UNIX for PCs)
LINUXLinus Torvald'S Unix
LINUXLinux Is Not Unix
LINUXLinus's MINIX (MINIX was version UNIX which Linus Torvalds enhanced)
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Acucorp was the first to provide a COBOL platform for Linux and we're proud to now support our ACUCOBOL-GT Development System on SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server for IBM POWER," said Cameron Jenkins, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Acucorp, Inc.
A critical initial step in getting Linux up and running as a platform for business computing was the availability of open source drivers, so that the peripherals used in the enterprise would be available in Linux.
IBM is committed to support the efforts of SuSE and UnitedLinux partners to enhance the scalability and reliability of Linux for the enterprise," said Lauren Flaherty, vice president of marketing, IBM Data Management Solutions.
When you distribute a copy of Linux, modified or not, you must make the source code available.
There are several reasons for the worldwide popularity of Linux during the past two years, according to Deepak M.
LynuxWorks remains committed to driving Linux technology innovation and giving back to the Linux user community to meet their development needs," said Dr.
With Ultra160 SCSI drive bays, the VA Linux 4450 can currently be configured with five 36GB hard drives -- for up to 180GB of internal storage -- enabling fast access to that data.
The Centeris Likewise Management Suite is the first server management solution to seamlessly integrate Linux servers in a Windows network.
Enhanced support for the NTFS file system used by Microsoft Windows enables users to more easily repartition the hard disk space--giving them the opportunity to take advantage of the stability and security of Linux, while maintaining the ability to access the Windows client when/if needed.
The Mobile and Embedded Linux session track will enable attendees to learn about the most recent initiatives for Linux on small devices from a number of speakers including Bill Weinberg, analyst/strategist with OSDL; Fabrizio Capobianco, CEO of Funambol; Didier Diaz, vice president of core product marketing with PalmSource, Inc.
Linux Networx's success stems from the company's commitment to listen and respond to customer requirements -- providing supercomputing solutions that meet users' ever-changing and expanding needs.