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LLSLeukemia & Lymphoma Society
LLSLoyola Law School (Los Angeles, CA)
LLSLate Late Show (TV)
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LLSLinear-Least Squares
LLSLiquid Line Solenoid (valve)
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LLSLow Level Control System
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LLSLight Louisiana Sweet (crude oil grade)
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LLSLiquid Level Sensor
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LLSLogistics Labour Survey (Netherlands)
LLSLeast Loaded Server
LLSLaser Line Scanner
LLSThermo Electron Life and Laboratory Sciences (India)
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LLSLow-Level Solid
LLSLocalized Light Scattering
LLSLower Level Switch
LLSLunar Logistic System
LLSLaser Light Source
LLSLearning and Life Skills (education)
LLSLand Leveling System
LLSLogical-Level Sharing
LLSLunar Landing Simulator
LLSLaboratori de Llum de Sincrotró (Synchrotron Light Laboratory; Barcelona, Spain)
LLSLateral Line System (sensory organ in fish)
LLSLow Level Support
LLSLower Limit Switch
LLSLocation Look-Up Support
LLSLibertarian Leadership School (Libertarian National Committee)
LLSLaser Leveling System
LLSLarge Laboratory System (LabCorp)
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Cynergy3 Components' TSF liquid level sensors incorporate a high specification thermistor, so the device can measure both fluid level and temperature.
The company has a full range of liquid level sensor products such as Ultrasonic-type level sensors, float-type level sensors, Warrick conductivity control systems, continuous level indicators, continuous level transmitters, receivers, and ExOsense, a non-intrusive liquid level sensor for plastic fluid containers.
c] products also used Y-Ba-Cu-O materials as a principle component in the fabrication of a cryogenic liquid level sensor by researchers at Argonne and Illinois Superconductor, Evanston, IL.
Olive, NJ) has released the AST45PT liquid level sensor for hydrostatic level and temperature measurement.
Standex-Meder Electronics (Cincinnati, OH) has announced 3 new versions of the LS03 liquid level sensor that can be mounted from the outside.
Company introduces an electro-optic liquid level sensor with flange mounting for sheet metal or molded plastic tanks where threaded installations are not practical.
The WIT Wireless Liquid Level Sensor that detects the level of a liquid in a container by its position on a liquid sensitive ribbon.
When the liquid level sensor detects an accumulation of condensate, an electromagnet is activated, relieving the system pressure above the diaphragm.
A liquid level sensor based on magnetostrictive technology that features a Foundation Fieldbus output.