LLIOLow Level In/Out
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Llio accessed Welsh government funding towards the cost of gaining her accounting qualifications, and she hopes to gain AAT level 4 later this year.
But Llio is surprised that families can still determine whether or not their loved one's organs are donated despite the new law: "I must say I don't really understand it.
Llio explained: "We hit upon the idea for Cardiff Gin Club while reminiscing over some of our favourite gin and tonics in a Cardiff bar a few months back.
Mae Mathew hefyd yn boenus wrth iddo ofni bod Si--n am ddod i wybod y gwir am ei berthynas hefo Llio.
Llio, from Aberystwyth, said: "Being a swing means memorising everyone else's part in the show.
LLIO Maddocks, who won the crown at the Urdd Eisteddfod in 2014 welcomes the new partnership
You can see out to the docks, the trees blowing around and changing colour, it's so nice," adds Llio.
London-based Llio says: 'She's turned his whole world upside down, but things can change very quickly of course
Llio is interviewed by Sin and must decide whether to tell the whole truth or not.
00pm) Darran Phillips learns about keeping bees in a garden, Thomas Williams returns with tips on how to prepare a home for rent, and aromatherapist Llio Silyn demonstrates how to deter insects from the household in a natural way.
Chosen for the junior team were Lowri Hughes left) (Bodedern), Gwydion Roberts (Llangefni), Caitlin Jones (Bodedern), Llio Davies (Rhosybol) and Leah Edwards (Bodedern).
A dyna thema'r nofel hon sydd wedi'i chanoli ar fywydau mam a merch, Anna a Llio.