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LoBoSLots of Boxes on Shelves (clustered/networked computers)
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LOBOS will help us accomplish that by increasing tenant comfort and energy efficiency concurrently, said Gerard Schumm, executive vice president for RFR.
On Thursday, October 30 Eliana Lobos will be a featured speaker for the Institute for Health Technology Transformation during its webinar Language Services as a Risk Reduction Strategy C What IT Needs to Know (bit.
Now in its third decade, Los Lobos continues to refine its melting pot of influences without losing the core flavor that first made the group a hit at Mexican restaurants and Los Angeles punk bars alike.
Like all great Los Lobos records, THE RIDE is adventurous and multi-flavored, blending elements of R&B, Latin, folk, blues and rock to thrilling effect.
The Lobos, who have this week off from league play, face Highland (7-8, 2-1) twice next week.
Both companies have concluded that Lobos offers excellent potential to contain a significant mineral resource".
League representatives will decide if the Lobos have to forfeit their final eight league games, altering the league standings.
The Lobos had dropped into a tie for fifth place in the Golden League after they lost to Highland 3-2 in 11 innings on May 3.
John Buesso, Gabriel Jasso, Miguel Anthony and Shane Franks helped the Lobos (1-4, 1-2) dominate in the three relays.
The Lobos (14-2-4) finished the regular season with three victories in the final week and enter the playoffs with confidence rather than a happy- to-be-here attitude.
It took the Lobos only 10 Golden League matches to earn a return trip.