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LoWEREuropean Low-Wage Employment Research network
LOWERLandowners Opposing Wasteful Expenditures on Rail (Virginia)
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And some studies suggest that beans lower the risk of adenomas, the kind of polyps that can turn into colon cancers.
accepted an offer of $987,000 in Job Creation and Retention Program (JCRP) funds in exchange for signing the new lease and committing to retain 511 jobs in Lower Manhattan for at least ten years.
Sixty-five percent of camps with increased numbers of boys said it was higher by 1 percent-7 percent while more than half of the camps (58 percent) who were lower were down by 1 percent-7 percent.
In lower aspect ratio tires, reduction of flexible sidewall height improves the structural integrity of the tire and increases radial, lateral and circumferential stiffness.
Lower the walker's center of gravity: Bend each side of the pipe cleaner so they hang straight down.
Line up the upper and lower elements and gently push the elements together until the assemblies fit snugly.
With the increasing shift to TAD machines, producers must manage the lower sheet strength that results from the more open, lower density sheet.
7 million, 264-unit project in Toronto, BG Schickedanz for lower income senior citizens, families with children, and single persons.
I can't believe all of the (other) police stations lower their flags in the death of a public safety official, and the city of Glendale doesn't,'' Quintero said.
Lower rotational latency increases the number of IOPS a disk drive can sustain.
Strains and sprains in the ligaments of the lower back often plague dancers in their early to mid-20s, Leslie says.
Knees and feet may get more attention in the domain of sports injury, but your lower legs are right in there taking a beating every time you head out.