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LRLiving Room
LRLower Right
LRLeft Rear
LRLong Rifle
LRLand Rover
LRLiberia (country code, top level domain)
LRLloyd's Register (various locations)
LRLikelihood Ratio
LRLearning Resources
LRLive Rock (type of coral rubble used in aquariums)
LRLine Running (US DoD)
LRLong Reach (fiber)
LRLogistic Regression (statistical analysis)
LRLower Risk (IUCN Red List of Threatened Species category)
LRLinear Regression
LRLaser Rangefinder
LRLight Rail
LRLipid Raft
LRLoadRunner (testing software from Mercury Interactive)
LRLa Rioja (Argentina Province, airline code)
LRLabor Relations
LRLabrador Retriever
LRLessor (IRB)
LRLoss Ratio
LRLärarnas Riksförbund (Sweden)
LRLimited Review (various organizations)
LRLanguage Resources
LRLa Resistance (wrestling tag team)
LRLow Rider
LRLinear Response
LRLloyd's Register of Shipping
LRLode Runner (game)
LRLeft Rudder (aviation)
LRLocation Register
LRLeft Recursive (grammar parsing)
LRLast Ride (wrestling finishing move)
LRLactated Ringers
LRLine Receiver
LRLanding Radar (US NASA)
LRLease Rental
LRLapse Rate
LRLong Radius (pipe elbow)
LRLimited Release
LRLatching Relay
LRLightspeed Rescue (Power Rangers)
LRLineas Aereas Costarricenses (Costa Rica, IATA airline code)
LRLovely Rita (Beatles song)
LRLevel Recorder
LRLoudness Rating
LRLatvian Republic
LRLine Relay
LRLine Repeater
LRLow Release
LRLet Ring (guitar playing technique)
LRLow Rate Data (observations taken once every ten seconds)
LRLethal Radius
LRLabelled Release
LRLine Reversal
LRLetter Requirement
LRLorry Receipt
LRLex Romana (Latin: Roman Law, epigraphy)
LRLuther Reigns (WWE wrestler)
LRLocal Repeater
LRLinked Ring
LRLow Repetitive
LRLogical Region (US Army battle field modeling)
LRLocation Refinement
LRLet's Rocket (Power Rangers)
LRLake Rathetear (Everquest)
LRLadies Representative (colleges of India)
LRLeave Rations
LRLogger's Run (amusement park ride)
LRLuise-Reggiannini (synchronization algorithm)
LRLiceo Rotterdam (Guatemala school)
LRLabor Recap Report
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The inherent hygienic properties of our heavy-duty corrugated LoadRunner pallets result in reduced contaminant exposure.
The LoadRunner uses on-board compressed air to "float" the load across the floor, according to officials for the Seattle-based manufacturer.
The company provides such application delivery and management products as LoadRunner, which ensures that an organization's infrastructure is able to continuously execute critical business processes.
The company's core performance management suite, Topaz, therefore, draws on the technologies inherent in its LoadRunner testing tools.
Cathay Pacific Airways, a Hong Kong-based airline, is using US-based Mercury Interactive's industry-standard load testing tool, LoadRunner, to optimise the performance of its corporate and cargo web sites.
Through the partnerships Mercury has enhanced its LoadRunner load testing software and ActiveTest hosted load testing e-service with support for testing and monitoring web applications using RealNetworks' RealPlayer, RealSystem Server 8 and RealServer products and Microsoft's Windows Media Server.
LoadRunner, the industry standard for load testing of Web applications, is part of Mercury Interactive's recently announced comprehensive set of wireless performance management solutions for the explosive wireless Web application market.
has announced that its new Web performance management and testing solutions, including LoadRunner, the industry standard load testing solution, are being used to help ensure that OAG Mobile, a comprehensive travel information database published by OAG, a division of Reed Business Information, meets wireless consumer expectations for performance and reliability.
PHILADELPHIA -- Shunra Software, the recognized authority in network virtualization and application performance engineering, today announced that HP can now directly sell Shunra Network Virtualization to extend HP Performance Center and HP LoadRunner performance testing solutions for mobile applications.
Conitex Sonoco has been producing the LoadRunner corrugated pallet in its Gastonia, NC, plant since 2006.
LoadRunner - HP[R] LoadRunner[R] is a load testing system that lets users test application performance for different numbers of 'virtual users.
The performance testing of Flex applications will be supported by integrations with Mercury LoadRunner and Flex component recognition and property testing will enable QA teams using Mercury Quality Center to confirm that the Flex application is running as required.