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The Minister referred to the measures introduced by the project for the creation of a Housing Loan Guarantee Fund for non-fixed income people and the exemption of 30,000 artisans from repayment of their debts from loans granted by the National Office of Crafts (ONA) with a ceiling of 2,000 dinars.
Tenders are invited for Evaluation of the local financial sector for identifying potential risks for establishing a Loan Guarantee Fund.
WASHINGTON, Feb 15 (KUNA) -- US President Barack Obama announced Friday evening that his country will be providing Jordan a USD one billion loan guarantee fund "that will help Jordan access the international capital markets.
Chief executive Grainia Long said: "We are also disappointed that the Government did not Harvey Williams include any more details on the operation of the PS10 billion loan guarantee fund announced in September.
The European Commission announced, on 12 January, the launch of a loan guarantee fund for European cinema production in the amount of 8 million.
The bank, a fully owned subsidiary of Bank Leumi, started to provide lending under First Home scheme after signing a guarantee convention with the Loan Guarantee Fund (FNGC).
Also, Babacan said that the Treasury and the Loan Guarantee Fund Corporation were expected to sign a protocol soon to implement the system, which would relieve the private sector in need of guarantee.
The government was finalizing plans to launch a Small Business Bureau and loan guarantee fund on July 30 to be administered by the Dept.
Other investment has come from the Welsh Assembly Government, which has provided a pounds 100,000 grant, a further pounds 100,000 from the Small Firms Loan Guarantee Fund and the balance from private sources.
Government contributions to the SME loan guarantee fund will be increased to ease temporary financial difficulties stemming from sluggish economic conditions.
Other financial schemes described in this section are the Ostrava Regional Development Fund in the Czech Republic (Boot), regionally oriented financial instruments in Poland (Kozah), a loan scheme in Kyrgyzstan (Lindlein) and the Romanian Loan Guarantee Fund (Coclitu and Bratescu).
While he's at it, he should go on record against two of Lockheed's pet projects that will serve to promote the proliferation of conventional weaponry: the Air Force's F-16 "fire sale" and the proposal for a taxpayer-backed arms export loan guarantee fund.