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We think this amnesty could potentially have a financial benefit to the local health economy especially as winter pressures mount but also help people de-clutter their homes of unwanted equipment.
working with other local health economy providers and clinicians to the benefit of the local population,
It is the largest healthcare centre within the local health economy, comprising 1,175 m2, with a patient list size in excess of 11,000.
A 14% reduction in emergency admissions to hospital, with almost 7,500 fewer people being admitted, resulting in a PS6m saving for the local health economy ?
Egbert Schillings, CEO of WISH, said: "For WISH this is more than a report, it is testament to the programme's contribution to the local health economy.
Jim Mackey, chief executive of Northumbria, said: "Jeremy has done an outstanding job whilst working in North Cumbria and provided the clear, strong and courageous clinical leadership which has been necessary to tackle some of the long-standing challenges facing the local health economy.
Senior staff we interviewed in NHS trusts and foundation trusts thought no organisation was responsible for taking a strategic view across the whole local health economy, but they were trying to bring about transformational changes needed.
Dr Karen Beeby, Lead GP for St Helens Health, the Clinical Commissioning Group which will soon be the main commissioner of the services provided by the Trust, said: "Commissioners, along with other local health economy partners, all have a key role to play in creating a sustainable future for the Trust by working collaboratively, embracing innovation and ensuring that we design health services to best meet the needs of local people.
The key challenge is to harness all the useful innovative ideas which are being generated by the new focus on clinical commissioning and to retain a stable local health economy and retain high quality patient services in the face of financial pressures.
Long term debt from PFI will drag down the local health economy across Merseyside for decades.
A pivotal piece of research to this study was a project undertaken within the local health economy to identify and inform the future development of SCPHNs' public health role.
The Department of Health sets an underspend total each year for every health authority in the council, which it expects the local health economy to achieve as part of a national NHS financial position.
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