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Our answer is the Continuum of Self-Service Analytics, a framework that accommodates the various roles and skills of every individual by addressing their evolving analytical needs, both now and in the future," said Brett Jackson, chief executive officer for Logi Analytics.
Using Logi's versatile information distribution platform, Logi Info, Estuate's application developers can create custom applications with embedded analytics at their core.
Also, Logi has a number of professional disciplines which could help in our global aspirations including security, airborne operations and facility management.
That was our key criteria when searching for a BI tool, and Logi Analytics was the only company that delivered," said Nick Neri, VP of product development, eClinical Insights.
Simon Ryan, Director of EMEA, Logi Analytics said: "This is an exciting time for all of us at Logi Analytics.
We think that the core of the CIT franchise is fundamentally sound and simply needs the benefit of increasing consumer economic activity," said Lorenzo Ortega III, CIO of logi.
To get this process in commercial operation, Haber is teaming with the engineering depth and expertise of logi Gold.
Using Logi Info, LSI built a commodities tracking system to support their RFP process with only one database developer.
To put this design into effect, logi AeroSpace is tapping the experience and expertise of electric vehicle pioneer ZAP (http://www.
Walter De Logi spoke today at the Hambrecht & Quist 11th Annual Life Sciences Conference.
Logi Vision re-imagines data discovery into a simple but smart analytical experience by building data science into the product to automatically model data, profile analytics, and recommend best-fit data visualizations to get insights faster.
Embedding Logi Info into our solutions will accelerate the development of new customisable dashboards to maximise these data assets.