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I really feel like a dissipated London fine lady, writing here so late, with my room full of pretty things, and my head a jumble of parks, theaters, new gowns, and gallant creatures who say "Ah
The fact to be in possession of was therefore that his old friend, the youngest of several daughters of a poor country parson, had, at the age of twenty, on taking service for the first time in the schoolroom, come up to London, in trepidation, to answer in person an advertisement that had already placed her in brief correspondence with the advertiser.
I have had an answer from your employers in London," said Mr.
You may get cheated, robbed, and murdered, in London.
At all events, the veil of self-consciousness was rent in twain at that remark, and our spirits rushed together at this touch of London nature thus unexpectedly revealed.
Still, I must keep this man here until I can get a warrant to arrest him from London.
My younger brother was in London when the Martians fell at Woking.
In the widening of the shores sinking low in the gray, smoky distances the greatness of the sea receives the mercantile fleet of good ships that London sends out upon the turn of every tide.
They remembered, likewise, the good feasts of London the profusion of ale and sherry with which the citizens of London paid their friends the soldiers; -- they looked with terror at the black war bread, at the troubled waters of the Tweed, -- too salt for the glass, not enough so for the pot; and they said to themselves, "Are not the roast meats kept warm for Monk in London?
Journeys, London, servants, horses, table-- contractions and restrictions every where
She is going to London to see her particular friend, Mrs.
Mortimer were, however, in London, on their way to that long voyage which had been recommended for the restoration of his shattered nerves.