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LRTILower Respiratory Tract Infections
LRTILower Respiratory Tract Illness
LRTILigament Reconstruction Tendon Interposition
LRTILegal Research and Training Institute (est. 1949; Ministry of Justice; South Korea)
LRTILong Range Thermal Imaging
LRTILodging, Restaurant and Tourism Index (Purdue University; Indiana)
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Taken together and individually, the studies have suggested that severe and/or repeated lower respiratory tract infections before age 2-3 years increases the prevalence of asthma 10 times.
Among 445 episodes of lower respiratory tract infections including acute bronchitis, exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, or pneumonia, 13 were fatal and 55 required hospitalization.
MATERIALS & METHODS: The present study was undertaken in 50 HIV cases with Lower Respiratory Tract Infections admitted in Tuberculosis and Chest diseases ward during one year period.
We evaluated the prevalence of human bocavirus and KI and WU polyomaviruses in pediatric intensive care patients with and without lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI).
This prospective study shows that recently identified WUPyVs are prevalent in South Korean children with acute lower respiratory tract infections.
Respiratory viruses such as respiratory syncytial virus, hMPV, and hBoV seem to be the most prevalent etiologic agents of acute lower respiratory tract infection in children.
A total of 33 patients (62%) showed clinical signs of lower respiratory tract infections, and bronchiolitis was the most common diagnosis (26%).
5%) of 225 virus-negative specimens, collected from children with acute lower respiratory tract infection.
In addition, lower respiratory tract infections due to hMPV and clinical pneumonia were reduced by 53% and 65%, respectively, among HIV-infected children who had been fully vaccinated, wrote Dr.
Bacteriological evidence of antibiotic failure in pneumococcal lower respiratory tract infections.
The researchers identified hMPV in specimens from 19 children younger than 5 years with evidence of upper and/or lower respiratory tract infections.
of acute lower respiratory tract infections in young children, but very little
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