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All sequences permit identifying montiforms with bidirectional downlaps that represent the lowstand fan unit deposited on the basin's deeper area.
within the cycles, the predominance of flooding surfaces and the apparent absence of lowstand exposure surfaces reflect rapid subsidence of the Cumberland Basin, controlled by active basin-margin faults and salt withdrawal.
The silty middle unit (unit 2) can be interpreted as a lowstand deposit above a major sequence boundary, which is equivalent to the SB 7/8 of Dronov et al.
Red and grey dryland facies are represented in the topmost Highstand to Lowstand Systems Tracts.
Lowstand deposits (lacking fossil shells) in the lower Bashi Formation (exposed in a 100-foot-long by 20-foot-high, stepped cut at a bridge-site excavation leading to the I20 East Frontage Road) rest unconformably on dark-gray, clayey silts and sands of the Tuscahoma Formation and include in ascending order: (1) a 2-foot-thick, basal, white sand, (2) a 3.
47) suggest that the beginning of the Kundan Age (corresponding to the base of the Asaphus expansus Zone) coincided with a lowstand, and his sea-level curve shows a shallowing event (Nielsen 1995, p.
10 ka, and dropping to an early Holocene lowstand of about -6 m (at the head of Bay of Islands; see Shaw et al.
The Meridian Sand is characterized as a Lowstand Systems Tract (LST) incised valley fill (ivf).
Attendees receive instruction in applying sequence stratigraphy to a number of systems, including transgressive shorelines in the Green River Basin, incised valleys in SE Colorado and lowstand tracts in the Anadarko Basin.
2004) was later reinterpreted as the lowstand systems tract of the lowermost Silurian sequence (S1 in Harris et al.