LRDGLong Range Desert Group
LRDGLow-Risk Drinking Guidelines (alcohol)
LRDGLanguage Research Development Group (est. 2002; e-learning; Canada)
LRDGLife-Role Development Group (Edmonton, Canada)
LRDGLearning Resources Development Group (journal)
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A soldier in the very finest traditions of the British Army - a combination of ingenuity, initative, aggression and intelligence - Lofty joined the LRDG in January, 1941, and for nearly the next two years was arguably the unit's finest navigator.
Lofty was serving with the Staffordshire Yeomanry in Palestine when his skill as a navigator reached the ears of Major Ralph Bagnold, who founded the LRDG in Egypt in 1940.
Extent of non-compliance with the LRDG was estimated both with and without the above adjustment for under-reporting, both for "risky drinkers" (i.
Formed in late June 1940, the LRDG was initially composed of British officers and soldiers from New Zealand and Rhodesia.
The LRDG had a pivotal role in defeating Rommel's advance.
Nicknamed the Ghost Patrols, the LRDG swiftly became the silent masters of the desert.
The LRDG came into being as a solution to a clearly perceived strategic problem and an opportunity for British arms to practise a peripheral, indirect role.
He realised one of the timers among the cache of bombs on the LRDG Chevrolet was alight and screamed for everyone to jump off.
Special Forces author Mike, 58, of Whitby, who's written internationally acclaimed books on the SAS and LRDG, has already appeared as an expert in two documentaries on legendary Colonel Paddy Mayne, screened in more than 100 countries worldwide.
Less than two weeks later, the British, whose troops were facing the Italians at the Libyan-Egyptian border in North Africa, authorized the formation of the LRDG (originally called the Long Range Patrols) under the command of eminent desert explorer Major Ralph Bagnold.
The timespan covered is from 1939 to the present, and this was sufficient to generate a bewildering array of badges and patches of the 1st Australian Parachute Bn, Z and M Special Units, RAEME Rangers, the NZ LRDG, the SAS (of both countries), the RAN Clearance Divers.
Programme three tells of the most successful secret army, the SAS and their partners in war, the Long-Range Desert Group or the LRDG.