LRITLow Rate Information Transmission
LRITLong Range Identification & Tracking (maritime security)
LRITLearning Resources and Information Technology (various locations)
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The system contains vessel information and tracks vessel movements on the basis of the AIS and LRIT.
For example, the Commandant of the Coast Guard has championed the SOLAS amendments that will create the LRIT system; for their part, few naval officers are familiar with the system, though it is the future of unclassifed information sharing for maritime domain awareness.
67) The LRIT system will operate by having vessels send reports of their positions periodically to cooperating national, regional or international LRIT data centers.
The Department of Homeland Security in response to the report said long-range AIS and LRIT are two complementary systems with different sets of data being drawn from different classes of vessels.
LRIT, which will become operational in 2009, enables states to identify, monitor, and intercept transnational maritime threats by providing the identity and position of ships.
The MSC reviewed progress on the implementation of the LRIT system, which is intended to be operational with respect to the transmission of LRIT information by ships from tomorrow.
The LRIT data could be used for maritime safety and security needs, particularly to combat pollution by ships.
The myriad of new applications includes heavy equipment and fixed asset monitoring, military tracking, flight following, LRIT and personal tracking.
We would like to thank gratefully the head of our Laboratory LRIT, Aboutajdine Driss and the anonymous reviewers.
Additionally, the trainees were educated on how to analyse the information provided by the LRIT system to ultimately help bolster safety, security and maritime search and rescue services for ships in and around Bahrain's maritime boundaries.
Iridium LRIT certification ensures its Value-Added Manufacturers' (VAMs) devices comply with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Resolution MSC.
The LRIT (Long Range Identification and Tracking), AIS (Automatic Identification System) and the SSAS (Ship Security Alert System) are of international standards and have contributed immensely to countering crime in the maritime domain.