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LGALotteries and Gaming Authority (Malta)
LGALocal Government Association (UK)
LGALocal Government Area
LGALand Grid Array (Intel CPU socket technology)
LGALarge for Gestational Age
LGALocal Government Authority
LGALow Gain Antenna
LGALuganda (language)
LGALattice Gas Automata
LGANew York, NY, USA - Laguardia (Airport Code)
LGALow Gestational Age (pediatrics)
LGALow Grazing Angle
LGALiving Group Advisor
LGAChrysler Corporation Loan Guarantee Act of 1979 (US Congress)
LGALinderman Group Architects, Inc. (Chester, PA, USA)
LGALynne Gilfillan Associates, Inc.
LGAL-Glutamic Acid
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The Luganda proverb states literally, "The remedy for bums is known by the person who has suffered them" (Apolo Kivebulaya Diary, 1898, MUK).
DSK Musoke, Buganda Nyafe (1944) translated from Luganda, in The Mind of Buganda D.
He may not speak Kampala's predominant language - Luganda - but that does not mean that Clarke, 58, is not at home in the East African nation.
The students have set up the Essanyu Appeal - Essanyu means happiness in the Ugandan language of Luganda.
Languages: English (official); Luganda and Swahili widely used; other Bantu and Nilotic languages.
1) The metaphor used in the title of the book is derived from a proverb in the Luganda language which runs as follows:
Quite distinct from the Shona situation, MR applies throughout the prefix+stem word in Luganda (47a), but does not affect clitics (47b and 47c):
The band translated the song into Luganda and created a renewed melody.
The population of 22m people speak a variety of languages with English, Luganda and Swahili being the most popular.
British missionary alliances in East Africa after 1885 meant that Luganda was formalized as the principal language of church and state before 1914; this entrenched the power of the Baganda people with lasting consequences for Uganda's history.
Due to have begun as we go to press, the scheme called Entandikwa - a Luganda word for "initial capital" - is aimed at improving the well-being of both the urban and the rural poor by promoting and strengthening the productive capacity of micro-enterprises, savings for future investments, and institutional building at grass roots.
However, in spite of the geographic isolation and imposed restrictions, the local Luganda (the language of central Uganda) newspaper at the time reported that although the Poles were Europeans, they acted warmly towards the Africans.