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LUBLunds Universitets Bibliotek (Swedish: Lunds University Library; Lund, Sweden)
LUBLeast Upper Bound (mathematics)
LUBLove U Back
LUBLibera Università di Bolzano
LUBLubrication Chart (TMINS)
LUBLeast Understood Branch (American Bar Association project)
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The purpose of this study was, therefore, to document demographic characteristics of domestic well users in the LUB, and to evaluate whether or not this population is potentially at risk from drinking well water containing nitrate.
Individuals living in rural residences in the LUB who used private wells were surveyed by telephone to gather information about their water consumption practices.
Surveys were administered to 83 residences in the LUB area.
8% of the total LUB population, and approximately 0.
The majority of respondents (63%) had lived elsewhere in the LUB prior to moving to their current location.
Because shallow wells are generally more at risk of nitrate contamination than deep wells, well depth and nitrate concentrations were compared for 78 of the wells in the LUB survey area (12,13).
The median nitrate level for wells serving the surveyed LUB households (4.
Welcoming the government plans are (from left) Kieran Saeed, Kelly McBride, Adeel Moosab, teacher Lubs Cvetkovic and Nusrat Sheikh.
Tenders are invited for Local Purchase Of Lubs And Greases
Tenders are invited for Lp Of Oil, Lubs And Greases