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LVPLiga de Videojuegos Profesional (Spanish: Professional Videogame League)
LVPLLS (Laser Leveling System) Vertical Position
LVPLive Video Player
LVPLeft Ventricular Pressure (electrocardiograms)
LVPLeast Valuable player
LVPLow Vapor Pressure
LVPLarge Volume Parenteral
LVPLarge Volume Paracentesis
LVPLiberal Vannin Party (politics; Isle of Man)
LVPLow Visibility Procedure (aviation procedure for ground operation in low visibility)
LVPLow Voltage Protection
LVPLas Venturas Playground (gaming)
LVPLehigh Valley Paintball (Emmaus, PA)
LVPLargest Vertical Pocket
LVPLinking Verb Predicate (grammar)
LVPLavan, Iran (Airport Code)
LVPLauren Van Patten
LVPLaser Voltage Probe
LVPLucent Voice Player
LVPLivin' Peace Productions
LVPLand Value Potential (various locations)
LVPLabor Video Project (San Francisco, CA)
LVPLast-Value Predictor
LVPLittle Village Playhouse (theatre company; Pleasantville, NY)
LVPLucy Van Pelt (Peanuts character)
LVPLatino Vote Project
LVPLiving la Vida Pinka
LVPLow Value Pool (Australia)
LVPLiverpool Lime Street Station (Railway code)
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Many of them will cite the example of Lucy van Pelt and Charlie Brown's football.
Seasoned MASK performer Deema Turkomani who took a lead role in Cats last season and in Peter Pan, as Wendy, in 2014, will be playing the role of Lucy Van Pelt.
True, Lucy van Pelt is, by current standards, a bully.
Jenny Colgan author of The Christmas Surprise If I don't get the stunning new Canongate Bumper Book of Peanuts there's going to be a few Lucy Van Pelt style sulks underneath the Christmas tree.
That's when Jacob Blackstock drew a profane spoof of Charlie Brown and Lucy Van Pelt from the ''Peanuts'' comic strip and passed it to Shahan Panth, who sat behind him in 12th-grade English class.
Lucy van Pelt, Gordon Gekko, Nelson Muntz and Godzilla are a few of the other bullies throwing their satirical support behind the mayoral frontrunner.
Also following the Lucy van Pelt principle that Christmas is gift-getting season was the union for San Francisco's bus drivers, the second most highly remunerated transit employees in the nation.
No matter what words of confidence Lucy Van Pelt offers, I know she's still going to yank that football away before I can kick it.
She was the voice of Lucy Van Pelt in several classic ``Peanuts'' animated specials.
Each autumn throughout the second half of the 20th century, an unlicensed psychotherapist named Lucy Van Pelt persuaded the hapless Charlie Brown to take a running kick at a football, which she then invariably yanked away, at the last possible moment, to his detriment.
His little sister was like my brother, I liked his friends Linus and Schroeder and Violet - and I would have punched Lucy Van Pelt in the nose for him a hundred times
Cheesecake (the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar and model/actress Carmen Electra) and beefcake (the rippling bodies of male models Tyson Beckford and Michael O'Hearn) receive equal attention, though pre-teens may be more interested in the dinosaurs of "Jurassic Park's Lost World" or the philosophical advice of the "Peanuts" resident crab, Lucy Van Pelt.