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LUDDLaboratoires, Usines, Déchets et Démantèlement (French: Laboratories, Plants, Waste and Demolition)
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King Ludd was a king in Britain, and in another book we learn that he was a brother of Cassevelaunis, who fought against Julius Caesar, so from that we can judge of the time in which he reigned.
King Ludd," we are told in The Mabinogion, "ruled prosperously and rebuilt the walls of London, and encompassed it about with numberless towers.
Now, although Ludd was such a wise king, three plagues fell upon the island of Britain.
The story goes on to tell how good King Ludd freed the island of Britain from all three plagues and lived in peace all the days of his life.
New Wave indie band Shambolic was the first from Huddersfield to play at the Le Bar'Ouf in Cholet under the project this month while Ludd have already played in Huddersfield.
Young Master Ludd would have been better remonstrating with the human owner of his particular factory.
He relates how they were influenced by President Ludd M.
Ned Ludd is a more than able rival, in his last two starts he finished second to Katchit and Goodbye Simon.
The body of the study consists of three in-depth studies of coinages from Ba'labakk, Iliya (Jerusalem) and Yubna (Yavneh), and two brief ones of Ludd (Lod) and of a group of Palestinian pseudo-Byzantine coins.
They took their inspiration from Ned Ludd, a farm worker who supposedly wrecked some stocking frames in 1782 in protest.
The right place to start is the historical context, dating back to the early 1800s when English workers incited by Ned Ludd destroyed machines that were part of the Industrial Revolution.
Ludd Spivey, the president of the college back in the 1930s and '40s, as it is the story of Wright.