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VSGVirtual Support Group (US DoD)
VSGVertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (surgical procedure)
VSGVery Stable Genius
VSGVector Signal Generator
VSGVariable Surface Glycoprotein
VSGLugansk, Ukraine (Airport Code)
VSGVirgin Sun Grown (cigar)
VSGVariable Spreading Gain
VSGValle San Giovanni (Italy)
VSGVibrating Structure Gyroscope
VSGViglen Storage Group (UK)
VSGVibe Solutions Group (St. Louis, MO)
VSGVegetarian Society of Georgia (USA)
VSGVoroshilovgrad (now Lugansk; Russia)
VSGViscous Semi-Geostrophic
VSGVertical Support Group
VSGVincentian Sisters of Charity (religious order)
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Days earlier, after a rebel tank battle near Lugansk, Ukraine, a message written in Russian on the For Russia website read: "Our party cordially congratulates the heroes of militia in the fight for our joint freedom.
He was born in Lugansk, Ukraine in 1910 and studied at the Zaporozhe Arts and Crafts School from 1923-26.
Dal East-Ukrainian National University, Lugansk, Ukraine