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LUGLugar (Portuguese: place; postal usage)
LUGLinux Users' Group
LUGLevel-Up! Games
LUGLock Up Garage (in real estate advertisements)
LUGLesbian Until Graduation
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LUGLugano, Switzerland - Agno (Airport Code)
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I want to educate people in that vikings were not knuckle-dragging, hairy, stupid people as they are usually portrayed in movies,'' said Lugar, who programs emergency systems for police and fire departments.
Lugar welcome back Myles Gilluley after an incredible 6-month ban and manager Jimsie Kirkland hopes junior football's wild child will prove the answer to his side's goalscoring problems.
Con una participacion de mercado del 15%, la cadena ha recuperado el primer lugar en Brasil, hasta hace poco ocupado por la francesa Carrefour, el segundo minorista mas grande del mundo despues de Wal-Mart, de Estados Unidos, y destino mas de US$700 millones a comprar cadenas menores, como Se, Barateiro y Peralta.
Republican Senator Dick Lugar is a moderate Republican with a history of support for the food stamp program.
Lugar also survived a difficult trip to Coupar Angus and they went to a penalty shoot-out before seeing off Dunbar and reaching the last eight.
Lugar was ruling the roost at policeman Dave's home in Warrington before Bark Buster therapist Tracey Callaghan came to the rescue.
In their recent news conference, Lugar, Buckner and Brodeski focused on the following five points:
Studdard's album sold 200 copies in its first week, about the same as Alicia Keys' new album Diary of Alicia Keys did the previous week, Lugar said.
LUGAR caused a major upset with a deserved victory at New Victoria Park in the OVD Junior Cup.
According to Lugar, the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition has awarded $1,000 grants to Energy 24, for stations in Columbus and Greensburg; Freedom Express #1 (Citgo), for a station in Etna Green; Gas America, for a station in Bargersville; Joe's Junction #8 and #9 (Phillips 66) for stations in Trafalgar and Indianapolis; Lassus Handy Dandy, for a station in Fort Wayne; and Wakarusa Bell-Mart, for a station in Wakarusa.
Lugar had the courage to tell the president that he was unwilling to wait until September to evaluate the success of the surge - because it can't succeed.
Senate's Foreign Relations Committee, Richard Lugar, said Tuesday the protocols to be signed by Turkey and Armenia were "historical agreements" for both countries as well as the world.