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Chrominance decoding features a high-performance quadrature demodulator, a comb filter to minimize crosstalk between the chrominance information in PAL signals or luminance/chrominance crosstalk in NTSC signals, (on-chip delay line) and automatic matching of color difference signal amplitudes to maintain the required CCIR 601 output levels.
This driver kit is developed for use with NEC Electronics' family of MPEG2 reference designs, including the uPD61151 MPEG2 encoder and uPD64011 video decoder with three-dimensional luminance/chrominance (3DYC) separator, as well as the recently announced uPD61153 encoder that integrates the MPEG2 and 3DYC technologies onto a single chip.
On display in the company's booth will be the recently announced uPD61181, the industry's first DVD recorder codec IC to incorporate a three-dimensional (3D) luminance/chrominance (Y/C) separator, digital video (DV) format decoder and IEEE 1394 A/V link controller in one single system LSI.