LUPRILund University Peace Research Institute (Sweden)
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While fathering styles are often described as fixed, in reality they are varied, fluid, multiply determined, and dynamic at both cultural and individual levels (Horna & Lupri, 1987; Palkovitz, 1997).
101-124; Merlin Brinkerhoff and Eugene Lupri, "Interspousal Violence," Canadian Journal of Sociology no.
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Men who experience violence and abuse in relationships report emotional harm to themselves (Hines & Malley-Morrison, 2001) and are affected in the same ways as victimised women are (Bates, 1981; Grandin, Lupri, & Brinkerhoff, 1997; Gregorash, 1993; Hammond-Saslow, 1995; Migliacco, 2002).
Mathias Lupri, who plays vibes, composed all of the music on Transition Sonic, and assembled quite a supporting cast: Mark Turner on tenor and soprano saxophone, Cuong Vu on trumpet, Nate Radley on guitar, Thomas Kneeland on bass, and Jordan Person on drums.
0% of acts of "overall violence" were wife-to-husband [Grandin & Lupri, 19971.