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LURSLondon Underground Railway Society (Surrey, UK)
LURSLand Use Requirements Study
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Finally, we perform a counterfactual exercise to learn how the model of Panel III (Table 3) predicts the ITT effects would change under counterfactual LURs.
Taken at face value, these counterfactual results reinforce the notion that the three groups face quite different LURs and are differentially impacted by them.
In particular, using our preferred (and most flexible) specification, we find that (a) blacks and Hispanics face higher average LURs that mitigate the potential benefits from JC for them and (b) JC is able to shield white participants from adverse LUR, but not black and Hispanic participants.
Contrary to some of those studies, we document an inverse relationship between the LUR and the effectiveness of the training program we analyze--which may be due to our use of cross-sectional variability in LURs.
According to our analysis, important factors are the higher local unemployment rates faced by Hispanics and the differential effects LURs have on them, especially relative to whites.
Specifically, we find that (a) blacks and Hispanics face higher local labor market unemployment rates (LUR) that mitigate the potential gains from JC for them and (b) JC is able to "shield" white participants from adverse LUR, but not blacks and Hispanics.
They will base their valuations on such factors as supply and demand of real property, supply and demand of LURs in the market, land revenue, planning regulations, locational differences, and prevailing state land policies.
When both parties have concluded their own valuations, they will negotiate and agree on a contract price by which the LURs are conveyed from the state to the investor.
One of the objectives of the formulation of the BMPs is to provide local authorities with a set of guidelines to determine a reasonable land price when negotiating with real estate developers for the conveyance of LURs.
4) This double-track system allows on one hand the LURs to be sold in an open-market system (accounting for only a small portion of the land conversion process), and on the other hand allows them to be allocated to various government institutions and state enterprises without payment of land price, even after the LUR reforms have been initiated.
After the LUR reforms, the establishment of an efficient price mechanism to allocate land resources among different users is regarded as of the utmost importance.