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LUSLafayette Utilities System
LusLusitanian (linguistics)
LUSLineamiento Universal Superior (Spanish: Superior Universal Alignment; Argentina)
LUSLatymer Upper School (London, UK)
LUSLook-Up Service
LUSLocation Update Service
LUSLive Update Service (software; Symantec)
LUSLand Use System (economic model)
LUSLast Unit Standing (gaming)
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Development of markets for LUS is necessary for the implementation of effective national forest management and the future growth of the forest products sector.
Besides the text of Lus, the book contains two relevant essays: one by Montanari ("I Got to the Point of Thinking That I'm Not All There") and the other by Picarazzi, "Ermanna Montanari's Voices Crossing the Borders Between Language and Magic.
Results of Moel Lus race: 1 N Jones (Colwyn Bay, U20) 23.
LUS Fiber, in the final stages of technical implementation, and Viamedia will begin offering advertising opportunities on 46 networks to the Lafayette buying communities starting in April.
In particular, Titch says, the LUS plan dangerously underestimates the cost of marketing, program acquisition, and debt.
Since LUS first proposed the plan two years ago, interest rates for bonds have increased significantly which could jeopardize the project.
Asked if the driven cross from which Lus Garca scored the final goal had been an attempt to score, Riise said: 'I was looking for the hat-trick but it turned into a good cross.
Essex girl, Frankie, 21, was ou t w i th D ou g i e at the p lus h Grosvenor House Hotel in London, where she had prese n ted a S o n y Radio aw a rd to Jar vi s Cocke r.
ANIMATIONS POUR ENFANTSTrottimage-: Films sans paroles/ Albums lus en franE*ais et en arabe au Centre Culturel FranE*ais Ea 17h30Samedi 2 dE[umlaut]cembre-: A1/2-le crayon enchantE[umlaut]-e, film d'animation polonais- durE[umlaut]e 40mnSamedi 16 dE[umlaut]cembre:-A1/2 NoE1/2l et l'hivers-e, albums A1/2- la nuit de l'E[umlaut]toile d'or-e, d'Elzbieta.
Dorda a plaide non coupable pour chacun des six chefs d'accusation lus par le juge lors de cette audience ouverte a la presse.
Finished in his memory by Rimsky-Korsakov, the captivating melodies were given an animated performance by the S S RLPO, with Dworzynski luS nging dramatically at each section to bring them in.