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LUSILondon University Search Instrument
LUSILCLS (Linac Coherent Light Source) Ultrafast Science Instruments (Stanford University; Palo Alto, CA)
LUSILancaster University Student Information (UK)
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Though belonging to different language groups, Kombei and Lusi, their respective villages of Nut and Lauvore had close customary ties involving the exchange of ceremonies, shell money and women.
Co-author Richard Davies, a geologist from Durham University's Department of Earth Sciences, added that the team now had confidence to publish an estimate because they also had four year's worth of data on how much material was coming out of Lusi, allowing them to calibrate the computational model developed by co-author and fellow Durham University researcher Simon Mathias.
Lusi Rincon Lopez, 19, and Nancy Penaloza Gomez, 23, both of Springfield.
The Indonesian government has said that an earthquake triggered the May 29, 2006 eruption of the Lusi volcano.
The volcano, dubbed Lusi, has been spewing hot, foul-smelling mud for two years and has forced more than 50,000 people to flee their homes.
Through a series of short stories, the narrator enters into the sometimes violent, always turbulent currents of fellow Indonesians from all walks of life as they ebb and flow, like the Lusi River (Pramoedya's central image for time and change), into and out of the Pramoedya household or the author's inclusive political consciousness more generally.
The Anzacs side, featuring players who have yet to start a match in the Gillette Tri-Nations Series, includes an all-Test half-back pairing of Scott Hill and Brett Kimmorley who are reunited from their Melbourne Storm days and Workington's Lusi Sionewho famously scored a hat-trick of tries for New Zealand A against Great Britain a year ago.
33) On December 24, 1987, the PSC granted LUSI an Original Certificate to provide water service.
Wilson will be remembered for his failure to get these deadly weapons off the street," said Lusi Trolley, of Handgun Control Inc.
Counts, Dorothy Ayers 1984 "Revenge Suicide by Lusi Women: An Expression of Power" in Denise O'Brien and Sharon W.
He was supported by the youthful cast, who each portrayed three different people in three different settings: Simona Bardolini, Matthew Lord, Richard Byrne, Maria Collien, Penelope Lusi, John Osborn, Louis Otey, Charles Reid and Gregory Turay.
Bob Crain, Sam Gross, Susan Lusi, James Meier, Richard Murnane, Harriet Rabb, Chuck Sabel, Janet Sabel, Barbara Bennett Woodhouse, and participants in the Columbia Faculty Workshop provided helpful comments on earlier drafts.