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LUSLafayette Utilities System
LusLusitanian (linguistics)
LUSLineamiento Universal Superior (Spanish: Superior Universal Alignment; Argentina)
LUSLatymer Upper School (London, UK)
LUSLook-Up Service
LUSLocation Update Service
LUSLive Update Service (software; Symantec)
LUSLand Use System (economic model)
LUSLast Unit Standing (gaming)
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The horses - all stallions and geldings - are Arabians, Belgians, Lusitanians, Percherons and American Quarter horses.
And it is charming to see that although they declare that they are writing in Brazilian there is not a phrase of theirs whose national integrity any Lusitanian could not endorse--as Lusitanian.
To obtain the necessary background material Kingston spent considerable time in Portugal carrying out research and this may also explain the publication of his next book, Lusitanian Sketches of Pen and Pencil, issued three months later.
1 exploratory well, located near the community of Nazare in the Lusitanian Basin of west central Portugal, will be spudded on or about November 7, 1997, and is expected to reach its target of approximately 12,000 feet within 50 to 65 days.
Jacinto eventually abandons Paris for Tormes, a village in the Portuguese countryside, thus exchanging the ennui of the city for a revitalization of his existence that springs forth from an inexhaustible, matriarchal Lusitanian source.
The abrupt and unseemly race into civilization undertaken by the New World--under the whip of both the Lusitanian colonizers and the immigrants--will have to be understood by the reader of Tristes Tropiques within the logical parameters established by the philosophical fable of Achilles (whom the Greeks considered the fastest of the Heroes) and the tortoise.
a different economy is possible, and we say this in the conviction that with commitment and solidarity, the conditions that govern the lives of the communities and peoples of our suffering continent--African, Lusitanian, Latin or Caribbean in origin--can be transformed.
We worshipped with the local church, a branch of the Anglican Communion called the Lusitanian Catholic Apostolic Evangelical Church.
This Little Lusitanian House: Essays on Portuguese Culture.
It would be the Lusitanian poet Luis de Camoes who would pick up this Garcilasian thread and incorporate it in his own poetry, making it a central part of his Orphic thinking.