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LUXLuxembourg, Luxembourg - Findel (Airport Code)
LUXLarge Underground Xenon Detector (dark matter detection)
LUXLeft Upper Extremity (anatomy)
LUXLinac/Laser-Based Ultrafast X-Ray Facility
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On the basis of two tax rulings given by the Luxembourg authorities in 2009, McDonald's Europe Franchising has paid no corporate tax in Luxembourg since then despite recording large profits (more than 250 million in 2013).
Luxembourg is about the same size in area as the Pacific island of Samoa, but Luxembourg has two-and a half times more people.
United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway
Sep 8 Luxembourg v Latvia, Slovakia v Liechtenstein, Portugal v Estonia.
Unlike their Belgian cousins to the northwest, Luxembourg has no Trappist monasteries brewing dubbels and triples or idiosyncratic micros producing strong, yeasty, spicy ales.
This pair of exhibitions signals a new level of institutional validation for Brouwn, and the Luxembourg show, opening a month after the Strasbourg survey, is apparently his largest ever.
May 1927: Luxembourg 2 England 5 (Friendly in Luxembourg)
Based on its experience with the BCCI, Luxembourg has indicated that it will no longer license a bank or a bank holding company that does not conduct a banking business in that country.
Mobile Operator Forecast on Luxembourg provides key operational and financial metrics for Luxembourg's wireless market and is one of the best forecasts in the industry.
The European Commission is looking for a qualified beg of services in order to enable the Representation of the European Commission in Luxembourg to welcome, advise and assist in a Manner Personalised the visitors of the European Information Centre welcoming visitors and Assisting Em In Their research of information; replies to the European Union concernant issues and the European integration in the broad sense; Management of the publication and the information material; management of the rooms and different spaces; During work days and support.
The payment obligations associated with these certificates are direct obligations of the Government of Luxembourg, and as such carry a rating in line with the sovereign.
For Enovos Luxembourg, this represents the first investment in renewable energy in Belgium.