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LYDLibyan Dinar (ISO currency code)
LydLydian (linguistics)
LYDLibertad Y Desarrollo (Spanish: Freedom & Development; Las Condes, Chile)
LYDLittle. Yellow. Different. (blog)
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To make matters worse, farmers routinely smash Lydian monuments and bulldoze land to erase ancient remains, Luke's group found.
Eichner on accent in Lydian, which have had a profound impact on the analysis of its vocalism and entire phonology: "Die Akzentuation des Lydischen," Die Sprache 32 (1986): 7-21 and "Neue Wege im Lydischen I: Vokalnasalitat vor Nasalkonsonanten," Zeitschrift fur Vergleichende Sprachforschung 99 (1986): 203-19.
By using MRG's customizable document-preparation packages and Lydian Data Services' turnkey fulfillment capabilities, lenders can streamline their origination processes while maintaining full compliance with state and federal regulations," said King.
Yesterday's newspaper report said Lydian had beaten several other offers for the radio business.
Lydian International is seeing two shareholders increase their stakes in private placings, raising C$4.
Release date- 02112011 - TORONTO, Ontario - Lydian International Ltd.
2 billion in assets; Lydian Private Bank, which had $1.
Teacher duets--included for each piece--are attractive and well-written; the creative use of several minor keys, and even the Lydian mode in "I Caught a Cold," is particularly noteworthy.
Equally radical is Berndt-Ersoz's theory that the Midas Monument, the most magnificent of all Phrygian rock-cut facades, was essentially a Lydian dedication, made by Croesus in the name of his son Atys.
Two suitors were identified: Lion Capital-owned Weetabix and Grove Fresh owner Wellness Foods, backed by Lydian Capital and Irish horseracing tycoons JP McManus and John Magnier.
Dublin, California; Brian Fitzpatrick, president, Lydian Technology Group, Jacksonville, Florida; Jeff Mouhalis, chief information officer and executive vice president, Fidelity Information Services' Mortgage Servicing Division, Jacksonville, Florida; Ray Petta, chief operating officer and executive vice president, Rapid Reporting, Fort Worth, Texas; and Linda Simmons, senior vice president, business development, Overture Technologies, Bethesda, Maryland.
The reports suggest that Swiss-based private equity fund Lydian Capital is in advanced negotations to acquire the division, which is home to Heart, Galaxy and LBC.