M-19Movimiento 19 de Abril (Spanish: 19th of April Movement, Colombian Guerilla Movement)
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Here there occurred a deplorable, absolutely condemnable action by the M-19, but it must be recognized there were failures in the conduct and procedures of state agents," he added.
In the name of the state, he offered the apology to relatives of the victims who died when the armed forces stormed the building to end a 27-hour hostage-taking of judicial employees by the leftist M-19 guerrillas.
While the M-19 and EPL negotiated after a cease-fire, the conversations with FARC (1998-2002) took place while the confrontation was still ongoing.
Resentment of the upper classes motivates at least one of Gacha's underlings, who sympathizes with the guerrilla organization M-19 and participates in their attacks.
Lara had in fact written a book critical of M-19 and its Cuban connection.
1) Abstract M-19 - The Relative Performance of 4 Influenza Antigen Assays presented at 21st Annual Clinical Virology Symposium and Annual Meeting of the Pan American Society for Clinical Virology, May 10, 2005.
Submersible Pumping Machinery at TWell No, M-12, M-24 Sec-5, M-5, M-19, M-23 and M-25 Sec-7, M-15, M-22 Sec-8, M-10 Sec-9, KV-2 Sec-20 Panchkula
The storming of Colombia's Palace of Justice, home to the Supreme Court, by the leftist guerilla organization M-19 was a twenty-six-hour bloodbath that left eleven of twenty-four justices dead.
The relationship among Cuba's leadership, the ELN and the M-19 were part of the well-known hostility towards Castro at the height of the Cold War, when Bogota actively joined Washington in its anti-Cuba policy.
M-19, Ottawa, ON, Canada K1A 0R6, 613-993-9431, fax: 613-993-7250, e-mail: iubmb2003@nrc.
The thickest and the higher grade intervals here are from holes M-17 and M-19 which similarly are closely associated with northerly trending intrusives and intrusive breccia.
Specifically, WCI will be able to produce the M-22, M-19 and M-15 grades of fully-processed, non-oriented silicon steels once the equipment is operational in late 1996.