M-CMTSModular Cable Modem Termination System
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The BigBand Cuda, deployed in networks worldwide, is designed to be field-upgradeable to channel bonding, and also to M-CMTS which could create up to a quadruple DOCSIS capacity gain on platforms in use.
The BCM3215 octal downstream DOCSIS M-CMTS core media access controller, the BCM3216 DOCSIS 3.
0 systems, the ARRIS solutions preserve over 80% of the current capital, and minimize operational impacts associated with alternative M-CMTS implementations.
Harmonic's highly flexible solutions integrate seamlessly with existing M-CMTS architectures used for data delivery, providing significant cost and time to market advantages.
We looked at a range of options and the BigBand M-CMTS architecture seems to be the best way to implement DOCSIS(R) 3.
Today, the NSG 9000 universal edgeQAM uniquely supports VOD, nPVR, SDV, broadcast, M-CMTS and edge encryption applications.
0 and M-CMTS standards today and will be fully compliant with a simple software upgrade available later in 2008.
0 timing interface (DTI), which maximizes channel capacity by enabling clock synchronization in M-CMTS applications, was a critical factor in Hanaro's decision.
The ARRIS D5 Universal Edge QAM is a highly dense and flexible multi- service platform that can support VoD, SDV and Broadcast today, and is ready for M-CMTS and DOCSIS 3.
0 and the M-CMTS standards and also supports DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm and SimulCrypt.
0, edge encryption, M-CMTS, switched digital video (SDV) and VOD
The Vecima HyperQAM is ideally suited for deployments of Switched Digital Video, M-CMTS and DOCSIS 3.