M-PACTMidwest Petroleum and Convenience Tradeshow & Convention
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Marotta will also have its M-PACT 6000 Pure Air Compression Technology for weapon ejection and release on display.
The Small Diameter Bomb is ejected from its smart weapons carriage using Marotta's M-PACT pneumatic weapon release system firing valve rather than conventional pyrotechnic ejection methods.
As a result, they are turning to next-generation technologies such as Marotta's M-PACT pneumatic firing valves and systems (valve, compressor and controller) to achieve increased efficiencies, reduce costs and improve protection of valuable bomb racks and launchers.
Weapons carriage manufacturers can confidently choose our proven M-PACT pneumatic release technologies for integration into their carriage systems.
M-PACT is a complete airborne compression and dehydration system designed to provide a continuous flow of pure, dry air for the cooling of infra-red missiles.
From missile load to launch, the M-PACT system provides a continuous flow of pure, dry air to cool the infrared seeker.
Navy has chosen to continue to equip its F/A-18A/F's with our M-PACT systems," said Michael Leahan, vice president and chief sales officer of Marotta.
Production of the M-PACT system is ongoing in Marotta's new dedicated lean manufacturing cell featuring state-of-the-art fixtures and procedures.
Marotta's M-PACT will supply the high-pressure compressed air required to achieve on-board cryogenic cooling of the infra-red missile seeker head.
RIX Industries, located in Benicia, California, co-developed the M-PACT system with Marotta and will be providing the compressor and drying elements for the system.
For more than three years we have worked closely with our partner, RIX Industries, to develop the M-PACT system, and in so doing have demonstrated innovative technology and engineering quality that corresponds to the highest standards.