M-TADSModernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight
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The major factor enabling the 1-82 ARB to employ high altitude tactics so effectively was the introduction of the M-TADS.
The level of combat power unleashed by the capability of the M-TADS not only provided 25th ID senior leadership a tremendously deadly maneuver asset but also significantly increased the levels security and safety for the forces on the ground.
When flying at altitudes above 2,500 feet, the M-TADS provides the aircrew the ability to observe enemy vehicle/weapon types, facial expressions, body language and the actual wires used by insurgents to trigger improvised explosive devices.
The AH community must combine the fundamental tank killing successes achieved in Operation Desert Storm with the insurgent exploitabiiity learned and gained in OIF/OEF with the M-TADS.
The staggering achievements experienced when employing the M-TADS in combination with HAT are all the evidence needed to take particular note and standardize this deadly combination.