M16A2Model 16 Advanced 2 (assault rifle)
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So if your M16A1 still has the round sight post, get it replaced with the square M16A2 post.
Figure 2 Basic Categories of Learning Facts/Rote Memory: Recite the military rank, chain of command, three general orders, and The Soldier's Creed Procedures/How To: Operate a radio, conduct first aid, set up a shelter half, establish a checkpoint Motor Skills: Use a bayonet to defend yourself, engage targets with an M16A2, engage combatives Problem Solving: Employ troop-leading procedures; react to various scenarios; assess mission, enemy, terrain, troops, time available, and civilian consideration (METT-TC) Attitudes: Maintain self-discipline, teamwork, Seven Army Values Figure 3 Key Concepts Troop Leading Procedures 1.
The designs to be incorporated into the belt, which is called a 40mm M16A2 link, are meant to keep gunners safer on the battlefield, help conserve ammunition, and save money.
Morgan grabbed his M16A2 rifle, ran outside, and used his flashlight to signal the lead aircraft circling above to land.
While carrying 35-pound backpacks, the competitors then completed a 6-mile road march to Ranges 2 and 3, where they qualified with their M16A2 rifles.
This story is about a weapon system that almost everyone in the Air Force is familiar with--the M16A2 rifle.
While each Soldier is validated on their M16A2 rifle in the standard, Zero, qualification courses, additional training is given on advanced rifle marksmanship including reflexive fire.
The M4A1 is a shorter and lighter version of the M16A2 assault rifle that is issued to most conventional troops.
Next it was off to the firing ranges where soldiers would zero the M16A2 rifle and then fire on a record firing pop-up target qualification range.
Why would American civilians want to know what it is like to be soldier, to know how it feels to use a M16A2 rifle to kill a person?
From circuit cards to servos to M16A2 rifles, Anniston responded successfully to every call for increased production to support possible combat operations.