M184VReplacement of Methionine 184 with Valine (virology)
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Most commonly, lamivudine monotherapy is used as a holding regimen in children with known lamivudine resistance, on the premise that the lamivudine-associated M184V mutation reduces viral replication.
The genotyping for drug resistance showed no PI mutations, but reverse transcriptase (RT) mutations included K103N, V179E, M184V and T2151T.
A repeat genotype and initial PhenoSense performed at this time revealed he had developed a M184V mutation in addition to the K103N and he had reduced elvitegravir/raltegraver susceptibility.
Mutaciones asociadas a resistencia a los INTR Multiresistencia Discriminatorias TAM1 TAM2 Complejos ARV/Tipo Mutacion K65V M184V M41L~L210W~ D67N~K70R~ T215Y T215F~K219Q/E 3TC B A A A AZT D D A A FTC B A E E ABC B C A E ddC E E E E TDF A D A E ddI B C A E D4t C D A A Multiresistencia Otras ARV/Tipo Mutacion 69i Q151M L74V K65R 3TC B A E E AZT E E D D FTC B A E E ABC E E B E ddC E E E E TDF E A D E ddI E E B E D4t E E E C Resistencia A - Alta B - Moderada C - Baja D - Susceptibilidad E - No determinado Cuadro 2.
However, neither the K103N nor the M184V mutation was detected in any of those 222 clones, but both mutations were rapidly selected during early treatment failure.
10] decline in plasma HIV-RNA and selection of M184V in HIV [33].
M184V by itself causes high-level (>100-fold) resistance to lamivudine and emtricitabine.
Even if 3TC (or FTC) is used in a failed first-line regimen and may, therefore, have selected for the M184V mutation which confers resistance to the agent, 3TC (or FTC) can be re-used in second-line therapy because of the capacity of the M184V mutation to partially restore susceptibility to AZT, d4T and TDF in the presence of thymidine analogue mutations (TAMs), and to partially restore susceptibility to TDF in the presence of the K65R mutation.
A pilot study published in 2006 randomized people with M184V while taking antiretrovirals to stop all treatment or continue lamivudine alone at a once-daily dose of 300 mg.
ATC shows activity against viruses with up to five TAMS, M184V and L74V, alone or in combination.
the M184V mutation is detected in the patient's isolate.
5%) had resistance to NRTIs (Figure) due to the mutations M184V (15 patients), M184I (1), T215Y (1), T215F (3), K65R (2), and Q151M (1); thymidine analog mutations M41L (2), D67N (2), K70R (3), K219Q (1), and K219E (1) were also detected.