M1TMethionine to Threonine (genetics)
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38 Groomsport Crescent, Scarborough, ON M1T 2K9; telephone 416-291-3215; e-mail bdouglas@camfordinfo.
and International Research Communities" included two presentations--Arthur Kennickell of the Federal Reserve Board spoke on the Sample Design and Management in the Survey of Consumer Finances; and George Plesko, Panel member from the M1T Sloan School of Management, gave a presentation on Additional Analysis of the Corporation M-1 Data.
The Future of Turkish Foreign Policy (Cambridge: The M1T Press, 2004), p.
My senior year at M1T, there would be more scouts than fans at the game every time I pitched.
Finally, I applaud the M1T Press for keeping their prices reasonably low, and I have discovered part of what makes it possible: shipping books with blurred printing on the covers to reviewers.
Before coming to M1T, Sullivan worked on developing the dynamic object-oriented language DYLAN.
00E+00 Homo C9818T H204H Homo T10007C Homo T10031C Homo C10664T V65V Homo G10686T V73L Hetero G10688A V73V Homo G10690T G74V Hetero T10810C L18L Homo A10876G L39L Homo T10907C F50L Homo A11038G K93K Homo T11732G L325V Hetero A11884C L375L Hetero G12207A Hetero C12239T Homo/Hetero A12273C Homo A12280G Homo T12338C M1T Hetero A13276G M314V Homo C13506T Y390Y Homo C14284T 0.
Jeffrey King, Complex Demonstratives (Cambridge: M1T Press, 2001), at 10-11, 20-22.