M2-PKM2 Form of Pyruvate Kinase
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To estimate the potential impact of degradation of tumor M2-PK on the diagnostic accuracy of the test, results of stability testing were used in combination with fecal tumor M2-PK activities measured in 65 CRC patients (26 with colon cancer and 39 with rectal cancer) and in 917 unselected older adults.
The theoretical tumor M2-PK activity after n days of storage at room temperature was estimated as the relative activity after n days multiplied by the initial activity in CRC patients (to determine sensitivity) and of ESTHER study participants (to determine specificity).
Overall, 13 patients fulfilled the inclusion criteria (initial tumor M2-PK activity [greater than or equal to] 4 kU/L).
The potential impact of tumor M2-PK degradation on test performance characteristics is shown in Table 1.
We conclude that the handling of stool samples affects performance characteristics of the tumor M2-PK stool test.