M2AMission to Athens (movie)
M2AMessage to Anywhere (mobile messaging framework)
M2aMagainin 2 Amide (biotechnology)
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The SBI will add no cost to the $17,000 computer workstation, $5,450 portable data recorder, or each $450 M2A capsule.
The M2A capsule endoscope is a unique technology and a great example of the broad utility of our CMOS image sensor product line and our commitment to emerging markets.
The 20-year-old had just got off the M2A, at Westerhope Road in Barmston, Washington, at around 8.
After the first unit is equipped with new M2A 1 s, M2s in the field will begin to be returned to Anniston Army Depot for refitting with the QCB kit, bringing the M2s up to the new M2A1 standard.
Not only is this weapon safer, but faster to operate as well," said Bob Sulzbach, lead engineer M2A 1 weapons system, ARDEC.
The basis for the contraindication stems from concern that the 100- to 472-kHz radiofrequency band used by the PillCam SB capsule (formerly called the M2A capsule) might interfere with the operation of pacemakers and ICDs, which use the 100- to 175-kHz band.
The M2A capsule passes naturally through the digestive tract, transmitting high quality color images, without interfering with the patient's normal activities.
The M2A Swallowable Imaging Capsule transmits two images a second and is excreted after about four hours.
The imaging device used in this series is Given Imaging's M2A, which is approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
The American Medical Association has established a permanent CPT code for reimbursement of capsule endoscopy, reported the manufacturer of the M2A capsule, Given Imaging Ltd.
Subcontracting for the execution of public urban passenger transport services by bus or coach within the perimeter of urban transport M2A.